NextIdea Health - Nextidea The shittiest Company I have delt with

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As the tittle states Nextidea Health is the Shittiest company i have delt with. By saying this it may not mean much, there contact service is impossible to contact anyone other then awnser machines. They still have not returned our calls or emailes and cost us alot of money for a lift chair whose motor breaks frequently . This chair is for my old and ill Grandfather.

I guess Sage resources should take some of the blame to. Located in Saskatoon In Marketmall. The gave us false information on how to fix the chair and after calling for help they hung up on us.

My Frustration from both company makes me suspect that they rip elders off all the time. I would not recomment puchasing anything from either company as both constomer services are inpolite and do not respond back.

Review about: Lift Chair.



We got threw to the receptionist Cassandra she dissconected us and will not awnser when we call . i sent them emails and no reply also

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